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Center for Optimal Brain Integration

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Books Co-Authored by Julie Kurtz

Nicholson, Perez and Kurtz: Trauma Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators: Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children


Nicholson, Shimpi Driscoll, Kurtz, Márquez and Wesley (2020): Culturally Responsive Self-Care for Early Childhood Educators

Sample Training and Keynote Topics   

See below for downloadable flyers and more details of training topics.  Additional topics not listed include trauma with an intersection of disabilities, medical trauma, mindfulness practices for educators, mindfulness for children (using the MindUp Curriculum), race and equity, LGBTQ and immigration.


"I had the pleasure of attending your keynote and break out session on Saturday at the Infant Development Association Conference!  Wow!!!!! Why haven’t I attended any of your talks before???? Your message and its delivery were hands-down, THE BEST!" - Ana Infant and Toddler Teacher

"I left  inspired and I am reflecting about all the information gained from your presentation and workshop. I  am an Early Education Coach working to support preschool teachers and their working peers whom serve at risk children and families.   Your knowledge, presence, sense of humor and passion danced together so well...I loved it." - Marisa ECE Coach

"Thank you for sharing resources with us! I really appreciated your workshop. I left feeling energized, was reminded of how important it is to be present and available for my students, and felt much more present in my body than I have in a long time." - Emma High School Teacher

"Your personal transparency and authenticity are beautiful to see and your self disclosure made your info relatable on a personal level" - Dawn Preschool Teacher


"Your gentle and genuine approach to a very difficult and challenging topic make it easier for us. You have a great wealth of knowledge that is remarkable. And what makes it even more remarkable again is the way you approach the topic, and the tender way you open your beautiful heart to us all by sharing your own personal story and journey, wow THANK YOU. "- Rosie Family Subsidy & Children's Service Specialist

Training Opportunities



Training designed to promote the practical understanding of the neurobiology of trauma, toxic stress and the impacts socially, emotionally, mentally and physically while introducing the concept of neuroplasticity and the science of hope, resilience and healing. Participants will learn concrete strategies to use immediately upon return to the work environment. The most popular and recommended series to begin are Modules 100, 200 and 300.

*downloadable flyer


Training designed to promote the practical application of Trauma Informed and/or Social-Emotional strategies that build resilience and buffer toxic stress.  Participants walk away with concrete strategies to use immediately upon return to the work environment. Spotlight modules take a deeper dive exploring key concepts from the Core Modules through engaging activities, practice and/or make n' takes.

*downloadable flyer

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