Training of Trainers (ToT)

Purpose: The purpose of the Training of Trainer (ToT) Apprentice Program is to help educators develop a deeper knowledge related to trauma informed practices and to be ready to train/coach providers in the future once they are authorized in Module 100 (see website for downloadable flyers for modules).  This intensive two phase apprenticeship program is to support an apprentice to become authorized and to be able to coach, train or support other providers  in the core foundations and strategies of trauma informed practices (TIP) and resilience building strategies for educators who support children from early childhood to grades 12.

Overall Activities: Apprentices will participate in a series of trainings and reflective meetings designed to teach the content of module 100 and deepen their understanding and ability to train to the key trauma informed and resilience concepts. The Center for Optimal Brain Integration mentor trainer will lead the apprentice through a process that begins with an initial period of formal instruction, modeling, and guided participation, moves through a period of ongoing reflection, feedback and support, and culminates in independent training while participating in a Community of Practice (CoP). There will be ToT meeting to review and practice content of Trauma Training Module 100 and a CoP to read an assigned book and reflect on chapter content with the intention of deepening knowledge about trauma and key strategies. The time can be anywhere from 1-2 years depending on the organization and the bandwidth of the individuals in the cohort.  


Required: A cohort of educators in your community.  It may be early childhood, K-5, middle school or high school educators and/or providers.

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